#NewMusicMonday "Breathe" by Illogic and Aaron Evans from The Dove Ink Sessions

I made this beat roughly 10 years ago while having my heart ripped out on valentines day and then Illogic penned his verses several day later dealing with similar heartache.

It's fitting that this song is released today because I'm really at a axis point of emotionally, mentally and spiritually breaking. I need to breathe. The last two weeks have cost me thousands of dollars in unexpected BS, I lost all my data, I'm moving in a month, I can't sleep in my own bed… I'm just not even sure how I'm holding on. I need to yell, I need to cry, I need to breathe…

Anyway, I can't even gather my thoughts enough to really sum up how dead I feel inside right now. I'm still putting on foot in front of the other, but if something doesn't change quick, I don't know how many more steps I have in me.

So if you want to see just how deep and dark the rabbit hole gets, hit play now… This song is beautifully painful in a way I may never recreate. (Then again, perhaps it's right around the corner.)

Ladies and gents… We give you…. "Breathe" by ILLOGIC and Aaron Evans Music from The Dove Ink Sessions and #NewMusicMonday.


#NewMusicMonday I Wanna See - Illogic & Aaron Evans from The Dove Ink Sessions (Work For Peace)

Here's the latest installment of #NewMusicMondy I WANNA SEE by Illogic and Aaron Evans…

This song is raw, unbridled, rebellious and passionate.

Perfect for reflecting upon where our world is heading and what we're doing to make sure it's a positive manifestation moving forward.

***Also, make sure to stop back next week as I will be releasing TWO songs… But that's all I'm telling you… more updates later in the week…

Keep rising!!!



#NewMusicMonday She Didn't Write by Illogic and Aaron Evans from The Dove Ink Sessions

     ‪#NewMusicMonday‬ with ILLOGIC and Aaron Evans Music continues with She Didn't Write..... Once again taken from The Dove Ink sessions She Didn't Write is perfect for Valentines Week when we each are reflecting on love, be it rejoicing or morning this track sums up the complexity that is love. I personally don't write love songs often so I'm glad it's something Illogic captures so well. I dig this joint so much I still have the hand written original from Ill himself in one of my old school journals.




We Vikings: Rashad releases First Move a smooth R&B slapper to kick of 2014


     Most people don't know this but Me, Rashad, Illogig, Tage (Mhz), The 3rd and Fly Union are all from the same High School. I find it quite incredible that 5 world wide know musical acts all came up in the same neighborhood and in the same crew. (Back then we called ourself's 3rd Eye) I'm both proud and honored to sat that Columbus is the Roots of my artistic movement and really, it's a movement much much bigger than me.
      So, I've decided to start a new series called We Vikings (Viking was our High School mascot.) as a way to keep everyone updated on all the amazing things we're up to now a days. I really want the world to connect these dots and have even been considering putting together a documentary about all our collective and individual paths as artist.
       To kick things off I chosen Rashad's brand new single First Move. This joint uses a classic Hip Hop sample and give's it a modern twist. As usual, Rashad's vocals are incredibly on point, providing the mellow melodies to set the mood right.
       Check it out, pass it on, and stop back soon for more We Vikings updates. Trust me, there's a lot of them.

WE are rising, WE are ONE!!!

       Shine on...


Redemption Song - Happy Birthday and Thank You to Bob Marley

      In my opinion, Redemption Song is the best track scripted in the history of music. See, I don't have a favorite emcee, or group, or band...I have Bob. In my household I grew up with posters of Bob on the wall and his rebellious triumphant melodies wafting threw our home thanks to my father Gene Hohwald. I remember being a teenager and finding out the Bob woke up everyday, smoked a huge spliff, worked out, and then made music/art to change the world. I also remember telling my Dad that that's what I wanted to be when I grew up. Little did I know at the time, the irony of that statement...

      As I've grown older in life Bob's approach to music has been and still is one of the main driving influences in my art. See, Bob was obsessed with breaking into the mainstream as to push forward his revolutionary ideas. He understood that he needed mass media to permanently and forever leave a lasting mark on our world. He never compromised his roots or vision in his pursuit, yet knew that he must use the system in his favor to successfully manifest his dream.

      I've also always felt very close to Bob being a "Weed" musician, because Bob wasn't pigeon holed by the fact that he smoked and stood for the sacred herb. He made a song here and there about it, it was well know to be a huge part of his life and a constant subject in interviews, but it didn't define him. HIS MESSAGE DID!!! and WEED WAS ONLY PART OF THAT MESSAGE!!! His overall message was love, unity and overcoming the oppressive systems that separate us and hold us down. And I feel the EXACT same way. I want to be a musician who stands for the plant, but isn't defined by it. I want my positivity, heart and good music to be what connects with the mainstream world... and guess what Bob? I've done it!!! I've touched the world just like you taught me.

      So more than Happy Birthday, I wanted to say THANK YOU. I've never publicly stated how big a role you've played in my life as a person and artist and I'm proud to be one of the torch bearers of your light. I promise to keep working hard to make sure it shines as bright as it can.

      One Love Brother Bob...

      We are Rising, We Are ONE!!!


I LOVE PITBULLS!!! So do So Cal musicians Innate and EP, in fact, they made the first PRO PITBULL music video I've ever seen.


     Absoluty awesome new music video that is warm and uplifting and PRO PITBULL!!! To me, animals are part of our families and deserve nothing but resect and love.  I can't even put into words how much I detest that so many Hip Hop acts portray Pit's as such vicious creatures in the videos. If you've ever spent time with a Pit you know there are one of the most soft hearted creatures on gods green earth.
     Mad props to Innate & EP for this track... Made me fall back in love with Hip Hop a little but with this one.... Way to destroy the stereo type and set a new, forward thinking, progressive standard for how we should look at out animal companions and Pit in particular.

     To hear more from Innate and EP, check it out and add there Facebook music page HERE.

Gill Sotu (From MOVEMENT) set to release a new book with Jerrica Escoto on Feb 21st at The Museum of Living Art

    Many of you know the very talented Gill Sotu from our album MOVEMENT release late summer last year, BUT many of you may not know how accomplished a writer and poet he is. Gill has joined forces with San Diego Slam team member Jerrica Escoto (Also featured on MOVEMENT) to release a new book at The San Diego Museum of Living Art Feb. 21st.  Given that I have a ton of love for both these individuals I wanted to share this event with you. I'm really looking forward to seeing what these two have to share with this newest offering. I've grown to expect nothing less than powerful and thought provoking verbal imagery from there two and I'm sure they'll rest the bar once again.

Click HERE to visit Jerrica's site for more information


Click HERE to pick up MOVEMENT TODAY!!!

We Are Rising, We Are ONE!

Shine on...



Aaron Evans & Illogic release "Hot Lead" the first single from The Dove Ink Sessions as part of #NewMusicMonday (First Edition)

     #NewMusicMonday has begun!!! Illogic and myself are incredible excited to share the first track "Hot Lead" from The Dove Ink Sessions as the first installment of #NewMusicMonday

      As I mentioned yesterday, this is a collection of songs recorded by me and Ill back in the day that just never came out for a long list of reasons. BUT I've always loved many of these songs so I'm happy we've finally decided to share them with the world. The songs will also be posted on my Youtube page www.youtube.com/AaronEvansTV by then end of the day.

      Please make sure to stop back for more new tracks every Monday in 2014. Who knows, some weeks I may even post up more than one track. ;)

      Enjoy,,, Share... and SHINE!!!



Aaron Evans and Illogic will be releasing the first track from The Dove Ink Sessions (Work For Peace) TOMORROW as part of #NewMusicMondays

Starting tomorrow morning Aaron Evans and Illogic will be releasing the first track from The Dove Ink Sessions (Work For Peace). Each week on New Music Mondays we will be releasing 1 song recorded between 2002 and 2007 when the two of us ran Dove Ink Records together. Being that this is in the era before I started doing vocals Illogic handles all the rhymes and I made all the beats. These tracks are raw and untouched in there original form. Most are early yet solid mixes but by the time we finish releasing the 40-50 random tracks we have in the vault we plan to give them a little extra polish and shine. Check back in the AM for links to stream the new songs and more background and history surrounding the project. 

Perpetual Motion "Running with a Goddess" Featuring Laceface by Aaron Evans ON STANDS NOW!!!